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Bhattadev University, Bajali

In the charming town of Pathsala, nestled in the peaceful Bajali district of Assam, there’s a special place for learning. Bhattadev University, a place where you can gain knowledge, came to life because people wanted to help young folks like you. This happened when the Governor of Assam said ‘yes’ to the Bhattadev University Act on a day to remember, September 7, 2017.

Let’s talk about where Bhattadev University comes from. It started as Bajali College in Pathsala. Over time, it transformed into the fantastic university we know today. But what makes it extra special is the name it carries. It’s named after someone very important, Sri Sri Bhattadev, also known as Vaikunthanath Bhagwat Bhattacharyya. He was a remarkable person who did wonderful things for Assam.

Sri Sri Bhattadev wasn’t just anyone. He was like a shining light of wisdom. He followed something called the Ekasarana Naam Dharma, a way of believing in oneness and devotion. In the 17th century, he wrote two incredible books, Shrimadbhagawatam and Shrimadbhagawatgita, in the Assamese language. That’s why people call him “the father of Assamese prose.” Bhattadev University is a way of saying thank you to him for all the great things he did.

Guess what? Bhattadev University got a big thumbs-up from the University Grants Commission (UGC). That means it’s really good at what it does. It can give out degrees, just like big universities, and it follows all the rules set by important groups to make sure you get a great education.

So, what’s so special about Bhattadev University? Well, it’s not just a place where you go to study. It’s a place where your dreams can come true. When you walk through the halls of Bhattadev University, you’re following in the footsteps of great people like Sri Sri Bhattadev. You’re starting your own journey to success.

In Assam, Bhattadev University is like a shining star. It’s a place where learning is easy and fun. It’s a place where you can be yourself and grow into a smart, confident person. It’s not just a place of books; it’s a place of dreams and a bright future. Bhattadev University is a special place where you can learn and become the best version of yourself.

Type Public
Established 2019
Chancellor Governor of Assam
Vice - Chancellor Birinchi Kumar Das
Location Pathsala, Bajali, Assam
Affiliation UGC
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